Monday, April 27, 2009

MCLA, North Adams, MA

After four straight days of rain last week, Friday was absolutely gorgeous!!!!! 80 and sunny up in the Northwest corner of Massachusetts at MCLA.

As I mentioned in previous posts, we find Spring such a tough time to shoot because of a few major variables that we have no control over. In addition to dodging the April showers, finding leaves on trees is also a road block that we frequently run into when shooting up north. Even though it may be 80 and sunny, when there's no leaves on the trees, it makes it almost impossible to get campus beauty shots (much better to capture during late summer or fall) without awful dead looking trees.

It was a long week in the car and on location, this week we'll see more of the same as we start off in Worcester, MA for a day, drive 400 miles to Buffalo for a day, fly to JFK, drive to Long Island for the tail end of the week and then start it all over the next week. :)

Here's a bunch from our two days at MCLA..

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