Monday, January 12, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

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It's that time of year again, time to add fresh images to the main website, .. It is quite a chore to go through several thousand images and pick the ones that are worthy of going on the website.

After picking out several hundred images that we like, there is another round of editing and tagging into categories. Some of the categories are buildings, details, inside campus life, outside campus life, dorms, athletics, faculty, classroom, Faculty-Student Interaction, and more.

Then there's the process of getting rid of most of the images that are currently on the site. This is extremely painful, as most are really only about 6-7 months old...

It's strange the amount of athletcis images in the fall as opposed to the spring. We seem to have a bunch of football images this fall.

There are six images above that I have to whittle down to one to put on the website.

Would appreciate everyone's thoughts, don't hold back, I've got pretty thick skin.

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Andy Losik said...

Top left. Love the "in your face" and the wide shot of the sideline.

jeremywilburn said...

Guess I should post this comment here instead...I really like the top middle shot and the top left shot (with one of the images of the players swapped out with the top middle shot). I think the first shot is nice, but it has two of a similar photo and I think changing one of them would work better. I like the top middle shot because it's not a shot that the average student/person gets to see everyday. You're bringing something to the table that people haven't seen before.

I'll play said...

If you are looking for one shot, the lower center photo is good (or the top row, far left). They fill the frame well, they are not "normal" shots you'll see of football, and they have nice repeated action. Those have strong initial impact. To beat that shot with something taken during a game, you are going to need something spectacular - we are just too accustomed to seeing awesome action shots for something less than awesome to grab us.

FJ Gaylor Photography said...

Thanks for the feedback guys, greatly appreciated.