Thursday, November 20, 2008

Student Newspaper Articles - FJ GAYLOR

Another Full Week on the Road, Northwestern University

A young reporter from the Daily Northwestern, Northwestern University's student newspaper contacted me late last week about a story she was wrinting on Admissions Marketing. My gut told me to say thanks but no thanks (figured they were going to lambaste the entire process). Then I said to myself "screw it, I've got nothing to hide", let's go with it."

Here's the article if you'd like to read.

Overall I was pleased with the article, but like anything there were some parts that were a bit off, in my opinion.. I also have learned that you've got to have a filter when speaking with media. (I obviously do not have one) I can definitely get a bit excited when talking about what I do, and need to hone the verbage a bit. But when your'e PASSIONATE about something, emotions fire you up and can sometimes take over.

The reporter, told me she got the idea to write the story by seeing all our Northwestern Images on our Blog. I guess it's a win, because the target market (students) were interested in the style of our work.

Also on a side note, we were featured in an article in the Hilldale College student paper as

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Dr. Davis said...

I would say it is definitely a win for you. You know students are interested in your website and more students will find out about it through the article.

Ron Bronson said...

But when your'e PASSIONATE about something, emotions fire you up and can sometimes take over.

Agreed 100%

MrRSmith said...

Your passion is appreciated and real. I thnk students understand and can relate. Keep up the good work!

FJ Gaylor Photography said...

Thanks for the comments guys!!

@ronbronson Emotion and Passion will keep the fire burning and with it success will come.

@MrRSmith thanks so much, looking forward to next week's radio show, will it be a Turkey Day special?

james said...

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