Friday, July 11, 2008

A Roller Coaster Ride!! Will it End?

It continues, the emotions, highs and lows like a ride at Six Flags... This is crazy.. People think we're absolutely out of our minds, and I have to agree..

Brad and I have been at it for over thirteen hours waiting for the 3g iPhone launch.. I was fortunate enough to get in and out all activated with a new phone in 8 minutes, Brad is still trying to get things sorted out, we have tried everything imaginable. No Dice, Yet anyways

It has been a ride for sure.. Not gonna lie to you all, it is pretty sweet getting VIP treatment at the Apple Store, that pretty much never happens...

Head on over to 26 Days Without to see a blow by blow of the last 13 hours, if you've got nothing better to do..

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JamieHS said...

How do you like the Fisheye. I like the shot outside AT&T. Besides the defeat thing.