Thursday, April 10, 2008

Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, IL - Day One

We are currently in Bloomington, Illinois for a two day shoot at Illinois Wesleyan University. This shoot's focus is on INDOOR stuff - classrooms, labs, faculty-student interaction, residential life and other things that happen inside away from the plush grounds that are just non-existent this time of year up North.. So the monsoon forecast for tomorrow should have little impact on the assignment, except that we forgot our umbrellas!!

We have been going pretty strong the last month or so, but it just hit me that we are going to be EXTREMELY busy the next few weeks, We fly out of Chicago Thursday night, arrive home after midnight, take a quick nap and off to St. John's University in Queens for Friday. Then the next Ten Business days at 7 Schools in Seven different states, starting Monday in Michigan then NJ, CT, MA, NY, TX, and CA... Yikes!! Anyone want a job processing files???

Well here's a few from IWU today..


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Bradjward said...

I can't believe you snubbed Richie on his 15 minutes of fame. You should feel ashamed.