Friday, April 18, 2008

Almost the WEEKEND

Well the end to this LOOONNG week is in sight, we will be off to our fifth school this week in a few hours.

Today was spent in and around the city of Boston at Suffolk University. This is truly the definition of an urban campus, From Historic Brownstones to Modern Hi-Rises scattered throughout the Boston Common area.

Heres some stats for the week which started out Sunday afternoon with a Drive to Providence to catch a plane to Cleveland and then rent a car and drive to Detroit.(No seats available to Detroit under $2,000, which would've definitely been a deal breaker, if I had tried to pass that off as travel expense to the client) It will end tomorrow at about 9:00 pm when finally home from Queens, NY.

Here goes:

Hartford - Providence -110 miles driving
Providence - Cleveland -636 miles in the air
Cleveland - Detroit -175 miles driving
Detroit - LaGuardia, NY -618 miles in the air
LaGuardia, NY - West Long Branch, NJ -75 miles driving
West Long Branch, NJ - Hartford -174 miles driving
Hartford, CT - Storrs, CT -52 miles driving
Storrs, CT - Hartford, CT -52 miles driving
Hartford, CT - Boston -110 miles driving
Boston - Hartford, CT -110 miles driving
Hartford - Queens, NY -145 miles driving
Queens, NY - Hartford -145 miles driving

Total Flying Miles - 1,254
Total Driving Miles - 1,148

Hours of SLEEP - Not nearly enough
Number of Sudafed Taken - Way too many

Time Spent on the road with my DAD - PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend

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Kyle James said...

Nobody makes you cram all that into one week. Crazy... that's like a months worth of work for most people!

jeremywilburn said...

Keep up the great work guys! Hope you're feeling better. How long does your "busy season" last usually?

FJ Gaylor Photography said...

@Kyle very short window in the spring semester. Lot of work but its real nice in the summer, at
home for three months in a row with very lenient shedule

@jeremy thanks for the compliments, cold went away yesterday, but woke up this morning hacking like crazy, might have something to do with eating fast food all week and no sleep. We've got a few crazy weeks left. Most schools last week of classes are next week and week after

JamieHS said...


Take care of your self! You should start a road WARRIOR blog. You guys are logging some major miles.

DrBurst said...

How the air travel mess effecting you?