Thursday, March 06, 2008

University of Miami - Day Two

Here's a handful from our second day at the University of Miami. These are all from the basketball game against Boston College. Miami not a traditional Basketball powerhouse is having a great year and should land themselves a place in the Big Dance.

Tonight's assignment had nothing to do with what was going on on the court, but everything to do with what was going on off the court in what is known as simply "The Beach"

Well another fun and extremely productive shoot this year at "The U" has ended, hopefully they'll ask us back again next year.

Off to New York in the morning..

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jeremywilburn said...

The first shot with the kid framing his face is awesome! But I love the expression on the kid to his left kinda half looking at you out of the corner of his eye. Shots look great as always!

Lori Luza said...

As an alumna of the University of Miami ('93 and '95), I love your work with this series of shots.

I love the excitement the one student shows brandishing the Miami "U" with his hands. I love Sebastian (always!) and I adore the perspective you got as if we are in the crowd with you.

Excellent work....way to make me miss my beautiful and exciting alma mater.

-Lori in Bryan, Texas

FJ Gaylor Photography said...

Lori, I am glad you enjoyed the images of the "U", I'd miss it if I were an Alum too, the place is my favorite, and we have had the good fortune of revisiting each year..

Thanks so much