Monday, March 17, 2008

Red River College - Winnipeg, MB - Day One

Well, the spring semester busy season is off to a great start, minus the travel woes. After an extremely busy fall semester of travel with NO delays or travel mishaps, the Spring 2008 semester has started off a bit rocky. After getting detained in Canadian Immigration for a tense hour (Canadian Customs cam real close to sending us home) and a mechanical in Toronto we finally arrived in Winnipeg four and half hours before our first day of work at Red River College. So after a quick nap and shower, we arrived on campus for a wonderful day of shooting. One more day at Red River College and back home for a few days and then to Mississippi next week.

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JamieHS said...

You can't be trying to smuggle Maple syrup into Canada. They hate that!

Colin Fast said...

Smuggle it IN? We have no use for your weak maple syrup...or beer.

evision said...