Thursday, March 27, 2008

Belhaven College, Jackson, MS - Day Two

Well once again, I am suffering from INSOMNIA... About an hour ago we received a "robocall" from Delta saying our flight out of Jackson, MS was cancelled and we were put on a later flight (not due to leave Jackson until 3:55 PM tomorrow, OUCH, Not gonna work)

Well fast forward about a half hour (on hold), we were able to secure a flight out of nearby Meridian, MS (92 miles away) for 6:00 am!!! That's right 92 miles away and a 6:00 am flight.. MUST BE ON THE ROAD BY 3:30 to make it ontime..

Back to the insomnia, this thing is going to be timestamped somewhere around midnight, central time..

Well anyway here are some from Beautiful Belhaven College in Jackson, MS....

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JamieHS said...


Do they give out those "blazers" t-shirts at orientation. :)

I miss warm weather....

FJ Gaylor Photography said...

I know, there were definitely a lot of those "Blazers" T-Shirts around..

See that type of "school spirit" a lot on small campuses, amongst athletes anyways.