Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Belhaven College, Jackson, MS - Day One

Here's a bunch from our first day at Lovely, Little Belhaven College in Jackson, MS. I've never been to Mississippi, and I have to admit, I was PLEASANTLY surprised. Belhaven is nestled in a great little neighborhood with a bunch of charm.

One more day in Jackson, and then home for the weekend and off to Florida again, all next week.

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jeremywilburn said...

Great Baseball shot! That's awesome! Looks like a nice college!

jac said...

i'm from mississippi and took classes at Belhaven for a while. it really is one of the prettiest little college campuses out there. the neighborhood is the also called Belhaven. great shots! enjoy your time in jackson. i hope you get a chance to have dinner at Cock of the Walk on the reservoir.

FJ Gaylor Photography said...

Thanks Jeremy,

JAc, thanks so much for the recommendation on "The Cock of The Walk", our clients also recommended it, So of course we went and checked it our..

I'm not much of a fish guy, but THE CHICKEN FINGERS were the BEST I've ever had!! Thanks B and S