Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Matt Herzberger asked his readers last week the question, Should I Change?

Judging by the feedback Matt received, it's definitely alright to make a personal post once in a while.

Over the weekend I happened to mention to my youngest son that Barack Obama was holding a rally in Hartford on Monday. Sure I'd thought it'd be cool and a great experience for him, but quite honestly I figured he'd forget about it and go off to school on Monday like any other day. Was I WRONG? He woke me up at 5:30 and asked if I was going to pick him up from school early so we could go see Obama speak? I told him "I'd think about it", Well that didn't take long at all... on the way to the office I called his school and my oldest's school to let them know I'd be picking each up early, I didn't tell them why.. (My mother being a teacher, probably wouldn't approve)

So off we went to wait in line at the XL Center (formerly the Hartford Civic Center)

I thought I was waiting in line for American Idol Auditions, it was crazy. We finally got in, front row seats about eight feet from the podium, perfect seats for the kids. I obviously took my camera hoping for some nice shots of the kids, possibly with Obama after the rally.

The fun didn't last long, for me anyways, as I got the "TAP" on the shoulder from a guy in a dark suit and ear piece. He asked me if I was with the Press, I told him "No, I am just here with my two sons", he didn't believe me for some reason and told me to "come on over here, while we figure out who you are." Long story short he grabbed another guy and they determined that my camera was TOO BIG and I had to leave the floor and sit in the stands. Talk about a buzzkill.

So I let the kids know and I proceeded to grab a seat about 40 rows back.

I didn't get the images I wanted, but let me tell you, the kids had a WONDERFUL time and it was an EXPERIENCE for them that should cherish for a lifetime.

They got to shake Barack's hand and both score autographs on a "Change We Can Believe In Signs.

By the way, the place was at capacity of 17,000


Jeremy Wilburn said...

That's crazy that they made you move... And what does it mean that your camera is "too big?" Glad your kids had a great time, I really wish I could have seen Obama when he declared his presidency here in Springfield.

FJ Gaylor Photography said...

It was crazy, all I had was a 70-200 2.8!! There were tons of people with DSLRS but just not the 2.8.. I have a feeling someone from the press complained that they had to sit in the press box 50 yards away, and look at that amateur up front.. That's my opinion.

It was a great rally, just lots of excitement.

Jamie Hastings-Smith said...

Very Cool!

I'm still waiting on a "good reason" to pull the kiddo out of school. But, it's got be worth the trouble I'll be in later. My wife is a teacher.

FJ Gaylor Photography said...

Thanks Jamie for the comment. It was truly AMAZING, he is so ELECTRIC, If he gets close to INDY, I recommend going.. Yeah that was the first time I've pulled them out of school for entertainment.. We can use it as a great Social Studies Field Trip or History Field Trip

Karlyn said...

Very cool! I've seen Obama twice (working in NH now has its privileges) and it's just an amazing experience. Definitely worth pulling the kids out of school!