Monday, February 25, 2008

The "Flutie Effect" on Admissions

What effect does the success of a school's athletic program have on Admissions?

Great article in the South Bend Tribune this morning. Of course this article focuses on the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame, but it does touch on some other notable stories like George Mason's Final Four Run in 2006.

Is there an immediate impact on applications or enrollment?

It definitely can't be a negative thing.

Let's ask Brad at Butler (currently #8 in NCAA Division One Polls).

Are there any other success stories out there? I would for you all to share them.

On a sidenote related to this somewhat. Way back when (Late Summer 2007) Facebook polls were cheaper and allowed you to get a bigger sample.

Not saying that this (200) is a huge sample, but just a quick snapshot of what I found in High School Students.

36% of respondents said the athletic program
26% of respondents said Website Research
17% of respondents said Parents
10% of respondents said Guidance Counselors
10% of respondents said Brochures

When asked: What below best describes the way you became interested in colleges to apply to?


Jamie H-S said...

I think definitely get a bump in interest, your applications, and probably with Development. I think it's a short-lived bump though.

I worked for a school that had a "cinderella" run in the late 90's and all I remember from that year was having to talk about the basketball program and lots of students who weren't academically talented enough suddenly interested in the school.

Numbers did go up though!

FJ Gaylor Photography said...

One word Jamie: VALPO ????

Bradjward said...

Well............... we're technically ranked #14 now. :(

BUT, I would definitely say that our basketball team is having a positive impact on admissions. Heck, we were trying to increase apps by 40% over the next 2 years, and we've almost done it already. It's been pretty good. We topped total # of 2007 apps back in early January, and we still have 2 apply deadlines left in the recruitment cycle.

In a nutshell, seems to be working for us. Of course, I would say that we are up because of our awesome employees. ;)

mojaam said...

Makes sense, first school that came to mind was George Mason, I imagine their admission office got busier after that cinderella year. Website research makes sense too, that's how I felt comfortable with the schools I went to.

FJ Gaylor Photography said...

Brad: 14th after loss to Drake, Ouch!!, UCONN down to 15th after tough loss to Villanova.. I think its the employees to!!!!

Mojaam: Thanks so much for your input as always. Who now, those UMBC Terriers could be this years Cinderella? WHo knows

itrookie said...

Although we are a small DIII school, we had a great year for football and really generated a lot of interest. I don't think it was just football players though. Even though we're outside Indy, there are a lot of people who didn't really know who we were. Since we got some press coverage with our almost undefeated season last year and doing so well this year, we're getting more local interest and even more football interest. Add to that a record year last year and we're really seeing increases. I echo Brad's sentiment though. Our staff is pretty great. :-)

FJ Gaylor Photography said...

itrookie, thanks so much for stopping by and weighing in. I added your blog to my google reader the other night, am so excited to watch your blog progress. Must be an Indiana thing with the AWESOME employees!! :)