Monday, January 14, 2008

Website Update Headaches

We are in the midst of updating our website with fresh images from last semester's work. It's always fun to update our site with new work. We are actually keeping the design pretty much the same just adding new stuff.. Here's the problem I'm having: Way TOO MANY images!!! The way we have it set up now is that we have a total of 176 images in 11 galleries. We are keeping with the same flavor. We have gone through all our assignments of Fall 2007 and have come up with just over 500 images that we like, way too many. So over the next week, we will be editing them down to a total of 176 images.

It is an extremely tedious process in picking portfolio images.

Are there too many from one school?
Are there not enough from another school?
Are there too many males/females?
Too many professors?
Too many dorm photos?
Too many wide angle shots?
Too many tight shots?

And it goes on and on.

Any suggestions to make this go smoother?

To see our entire online portfolio of admissions marketing photography goto FJ GAYLOR Photography


Bradjward said...

Upload to Flickr and tag (or tag in iPhoto/Aperture), then search according to what you want??

"professor" +"student" +"classroom"

Might be more work than just looking through a set (30 shots in the classroom) and picking a favorite though.

Definitely a tough thing to do!

FJ Gaylor Photography said...

I am actually working them in Photomechanic and Lightroom tagging and such.. I'll post to flickr once the site is done and go from there. Have you gotten an invite to Seesmic or Photophlow yet?

Bradjward said...

Nope :( I've got my name in for both though.