Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ideas For Website

As I mentioned in an earlier post we are updating our website with images from this past fall semester.. After going through what seemed like a billion images, we were able to NARROW it down to 629 for the website, obviously this is WAY WAY WAY too many images, talk about overkill.. Anyway we've decided to stay with same basic layout as our current site, due to there not being enough hours in a day.

Anyway we need to whittle down to under 200 images. Here's the challenge getting the right balance of disciplines.

We have tagged all the images and these are the areas we came up with. Judging by the graph there are 15 "categories" and roughly half of the "chosen" are comprised of just three types: Outside Campus Life, Classrooms, and Inside Campus Life...

I'm looking for some input on this one from everyone involved in admissions recrutiment:

Are there any other disciplines that you think should be covered? What kind of weight should be given to each "discipline"?

Thanks so much for the help..

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