Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Flickr: Are You Taking Advantage?

We've been posting images to FLICKR for a while now as another avenue to show our work.. Up until mid December Flickr had pretty basic analytic tools, just the amount of views.. Well that all changed when Flickr announced FlickrStats.

If you're a data monger like me, you can really have some fun with it, and most importantly BENEFIT from it.

After some poking around a bit, it doesn't look like Higher Ed is really taking advantage of this media for driving traffic to their respective sites..

Just a few quick observations, there are several schools that have Flickr accounts out there, but they do not appear to be very active, or effective for that matter. Now please keep in mind, this could be a major research project in and of itself, I only skimmed through for about a half hour, so my findings could be off.. Here goes anyway.

By looking at the sampling of Accounts that were "official" school sites, there were a few things I noticed.

1. They looked like they were just batched and thrown on the site, with original file names and not many titles that would be conducive to any search algorithm. No one is ever going to find your images.

2. There was rarely a caption that was worth looking into further that would make me want to click on a link to the website..

3. There weren't links to click on, that would take me to the school's homepage.

4. When clicking on the "profile page", very few had a link to the school's site either.

In my opinion this could be one of the best $20.00 a year investments for any admissions department, if the time and effort is put into it.

Now we've been using Flickr for about a year and a half, we have 852 images posted on our account, and to date we've had more than a quarter million views. Probably the best $30.00 we've spent in a while.

I spent a bit of time looking at some searches for schools we worked with this fall, to see where we landed on the search. If you've got nothing better to do, please take a look.

Hofstra University
Suffolk University
Corban College, OR
Marian College,IN
St. John's University, NY
Old Dominion University, VA
Miami University, OH
Northwestern University, IL
Texas State University
Imperial College, London
Colelge of The Holy Cross
Oklahoma State University
Kansas State University

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