Monday, April 30, 2007

Spring Semester FLEW By!!

I can't believe tomorrow is the first of May... This semester has absolutely FLOWN by, we have been going 900 miles an hour since Mid-February with very few non shooting days.. This semester has seen 14 new clients among the many returning clients... We are on the road today on our way up the 495 corridor in Northeastern Massachusetts for a few days of shooting and then on a plane Wednesday night to Austin, TX for two more days to finish up the week... We arrive home early afternoon on Saturday and back on the road Sunday for our last trip this semester out to Evanston Il, for a few days of shooting at Northwestern University, what a way to finish up a grueling 12 weeks of shooting.. Here are a few from late last week at beautiful Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA.... To see our entire online portfolio of viewbook and admissions photos goto: FJ GAYLOR Photography

Thursday, April 26, 2007

UCONN Admissions Viewbook Photography

I think the images tonight sum up our feelings about traveling.. As mentioned in earlier posts, this has been an extremely challenging season of travel for us, and this evening was no different.. We rushed from UCONN to the airport to catch a flight to Newport News, Virginia, only to wait in the terminal for two and a half hours...
So needless to say we arrived a bit late into Virginia, the pilots did a good job of making up some time in the air and we ended up only an hour late... This picture of the bobblehead basically sums up how I feel... We are on the campus of Old Dominion on Thursday, I have put in an order to Mother Nature for sunshine, but I am not so confident she is going to deliver... To see our entire online portfolio of admissions viewbook photography goto FJ GAYLOR Photography

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Admissions Viewbook Photography

Here are a couple from Bradley University in Peoria, IL.... Got home later than expected today from Chicago... This has been an extremely difficult season for travel... I am noticing several new gray hairs each day, and there are still a few weeks left of intense travel this semester, I'm gonna have to update the about page on our website to reflect the new hairdo... Anyway, enough of that, I am going to sleep in our own bed tonight... We are off to Storrs tomorrow to shoot at UCONN all day and rush to the airport to catch a flight to Newport News, VA so we can be on the campus of Old Dominion University Thursday morning... To see our entire portfolio of admissions viewbook photography goto: FJ GAYLOR Photography

Monday, April 23, 2007

Another Full Week of Shooting

No rest for the weary.... It's about 2:00 am central time, and we just pulled in to Peoria, Illinois for a shoot at Bradley University.. One day in Peoria and back home for a shoot at UCONN and then off to Norfolk, VA to finish the week off at Old Dominion University.. It has been one heck of a few months shooting... With the exception of a couple days at UCONN, every job has involved getting on a plane to go to work... It has been an extremely fun few months... We have been to some great places and worked with some WONDERFUL people... There are about three more weeks of intense travel and shooting before the summer slowdown... To see more of our admissions and viewbook portfolio goto: FJ GAYLOR Photography.

Friday, April 20, 2007

On the Way Home - We Hope

What a week, spent the week in North Texas and Stillwater Oklahoma... I just had to post these three from our travels... Hope everyone has a great weekend... To see our entire online portfolio of admissions, viewbook photography goto FJ GAYLOR Photography

Stillwater: Day 2

We finished up ANOTHER week on the road shooting admissions photography… Well it’s not done yet, we still have to fly home, and if the last fews months are any indication of what it’s going to be like, we still have a LOOONG way to go.. For some reason travel this year has been an absolute nightmare…. We spent another day at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater…. We’ve been to a lot of college towns, and I have got to say Stillwater has been one of the coolest if not, THE coolest college town yet… Here are some neat icons we found today having some fun…. A few more weeks of crazy travel before the quiet summer season begins for us.. We are in need of a week or two off, but that will have to wait for about a month...

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Day One: Stillwater, OK

Here are a few images from today at GORGEOUS Oklahoma State University in Stillwater... THis place is awesome, they have everything you can ever imagine, and the town of Stillwater is a great little college town, definitely one of the best we've been to.. To see more of our viewbook and admissions photography portfolio goto: FJ GAYLOR Photography

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Southwest Swing

What a season for travel..... Since mid February we have been doing a lot of traveling both in the air and on the ground, and let me tell you, I think we have hit every possible storm along the way.. This past Sunday was no different... Fighting a Nor'easter on Sunday was an absolute NIGHTMARE... Two canceled flights and a four hour ride to Baltimore to finally catch a flight to Oklahoma City... When we finally got on the ground in Oklahoma City, it felt like we just finished a two week stint of shooting on the road, WE hadn't even started our week... When did travel become so STRESSFULL? After FIVE straight RAINY days on location, I am beginning to wonder if it's US or just the season? I sure hope it's bright and sunny when I get up in a few hours.. We have two days in Stillwater, OK on the campus of Oklahoma State University... Here are a few from earlier today at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, TX..... To see our entire online portfolio goto: FJ GAYLOR Photography

Friday, April 13, 2007

Gumball Machines at IUPUI

We were at IUPUI the last couple of days shooting, and came across more gumball machines than I have ever seen in my life... We asked several students on campus about the significance of these gumball machines and nobody seemed to know... If anyone has any information on these gumball machines and why there are so many on the campus of IUPUI, someone please let us know... Anyways, aside from that, we have been extremely busy with no end in sight... We arrived home early this morning and are headed out Sunday afternoon for a week in Texas and Oklahoma, should be nice and warm there, I hope.., To see more of our work goto: FJ GAYLOR Photography

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Making the Most of Bad Weather

Here a couple shots from yesterday at IUPUI in Indianapolis.... This was a fun example of making the most out of undesirable weather conditions... We got a lot of great indoor stuff, but were obviiously hampered with the steady rain all day... One more day in Indianapolis and then home for the weekend and back out to Texas and Oklahoma all next week... To see our entire online gallery of admissions viewbook photography goto FJ GAYLOR Photography

Sketchy Weather in April

We just pulled into Indianapolis after a nice two day visit to Alma College in Central Michigan... Got a lot of great stuff over the last two days... The only area that was lacking was outdoor shots of students on campus... Spring semester up North has an extremely small window for campus scenery, most notably LEAVES on TREES, there is nothing worse than a campus full of leafless trees, it really takes away from any images... Just posting a couple from today... Love the "real" interaction with faculty and student in the first one... Having a burger and fries with students can't get any better than that... We will be at IUPUI in downtown Indianapolis the next couple of days... Weather here could be a bit sketchy here also, hopefully the weathermen are wrong AGAIN... Enjoy

Monday, April 09, 2007

On the road again

After a nice holiday weekend with our family, we headed off to the airport once again for a week on the road.. This time we were headed off for Michigan and Indianapolis.. We were scheduled into Detroit at about 11:00 pm with a couple hour ride ahead of us, not too bad considering... Instead as we arrived at our gate our plane was delayed for more than an hour giving us little chance of making our connection in Dulles... We had a decision to make, take a shot at making the connection or hopping on the Chicago flight and renting a car and driving the 300 miles to destination.. We opted for the switch of planes to Chicago with an awful lot of "windshield time", we pulled into our destination, Alma College at quarter of Five in the am.. Ouch!! Took a quick nap and started shooting at 8:30... talk about a long day, gotta love traveling... Anyway here are a handful from today... To see our entire online gallery of viewbook and admissions photography goto FJ GAYLOR Photography

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Great Blog From College Senior

Just wanted to let everyone know about a great blog by BRENT LAMPHIER a college senior at The University of Washington.. Brent is a marketing major with some great insight on how to market to college students.. Brent says his blog is

an outlet to look at how people should be marketing to us, the college student, assuming that you want us as your clients, and you do.

University of Florida Campus Images

Here are a few from yesterday at the University of Florida in Gainesville... Tried to capture some unique images found only on UF's gorgeous campus... Let us know what you think. To see more of our admissions work goto FJ GAYLOR Photography

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Day Two: Gainesville, Florida

What a wild couple of days!!!! That's about all I can say... Had a wonderful time in Gainesville, what it is to be young again... Here's an extremely RANDOM sampling from the wee hours of the morning and all day Tuesday.. To see our entire online gallery of viewbook and admissions Photography goto FJ GAYLOR

I have also added a FLICKR SET showing some wild stuff from the street party after the Gators win..

Monday, April 02, 2007

Florida Gator Face Paint

Getting ready for the big one... War paint applied to UF student's face prior to entering the O'Connell center on UF campus in Gainesville, FL... What a day!!!! To see our entire online gallery of viewbook admissions photography goto: FJ GAYLOR Photography

Gator Nation Day One

Well just rolled into Gainesville via Orlando for a two day shoot at The University of FLorida.. It is going to be a very interesting day, we can't wait... It is definitely going to be a different day... It's not often that the school we're working for is playing in the National Championship on any level, never mind going for a repeat in Men's Division One... It is going to be an experience, we will be shooting pretty late, and if the Gators do repeat it's going to be "crazy" around here I'm told... If anyone has any cool ideas on what to shoot tonight, let me know...