Tuesday, December 11, 2007

'Tis The Season for Holiday E-Cards

I was processing some files a bit ago and my ADD got the best of me.. I remembered Eckerd College's Holiday E-Card from last year, and I did a quick search for this year's edition, but I couldn't find it. Hopefully the Eckerd Web Dudes do one again this year..

I know that the University of Maryland's holiday card is getting a lot of play thanks to Karine's post last week.

I would like to add one to the list that I thought was extremely well done from Red River College in Winnipeg produced by the Red River College Relations office..

Loved it when the president asked the students: "would you guys be my friends on Facebook?", thought it was priceless.

If you have any others you'd like to share please let me know and we can get a list going for the next couple weeks to pass the time before the holidays


Colin Fast said...

Thanks for the plug, we're pretty happy with the card ourselves.

I was actually really impressed with our executive for going along with with everything we suggested. It's not everyday that you tell the college president, "okay, we want you to do push-ups in your office while eating a donut..."

Colin Fast
Red River College

FJ Gaylor Photography said...

Colin, it was wonderful, waiting for it to go viral..

Casey at Eckerd let me know that the admissions card will be out later in the week and that the Advancement Office has a card already here http://www.eckerd.edu/holiday/gift/