Thursday, December 13, 2007

Followup to 2007 Teens' Holiday Wish List

Brad over at SquaredPeg had a great idea to test Kaplan's poll to prospective college students Holiday Wish List, Run a quick Facebook Poll.. I took him up on it to see if we found differing results than Kaplan's.

This type of poll, like any requires a lot of legwork to get an accurate sample, so please take our findings with a grain of salt..

I hadn't run a Facebook poll in a while, there have been some changes.. For some reason I was only allowed to run a sample of 100 which really was disappointing and the price had gone up considerably. ($.25 per response) I ran a few polls in the summer that were considerably lower per response and was able to narrow down the demo further and allowed to gather a much larger sample size.

Anyway here are the results.

73% of 13-17 Facebook users that responded would take the money and run and 27% would rather be accepted into their top choice. A far cry from Kaplan's 59% response for "aceptance into top choice"

So as raw as the poll was, you have to wonder where are these pollsters getting information? Are they getting accurate snapshots? Or are they just going after the results that they want to hear?

This is an area that I would like to pursue further. (accurate market research, there is a definite need for it.)

So take at as you will.. Just a quick experiment..


FJ Gaylor Photography said...

seems like crazy things happening with Blogger today, or maybe it'
s just me

Zumbooruk said...

maybe they assumed they could get in RD? :P

early notifications already came out for a lot of people, that might skew it...

mojaam said...

Definitely hear you on this. The idea that more people will rather get accepted into college (and possibly go in debt with student loans) as opposed to half a million is just crazy.

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FJ Gaylor Photography said...

Sam, never a dull moment. Always thinking!!

FJ Gaylor Photography said...

Mojaam, thanks so much for the digg and comments. Always good to hear from you. Hope school's going well.