Tuesday, November 06, 2007

On Location and At Home the Same Day

After being on the road for the majority of the last eleven weeks, this week has been kind of odd.. Yesterday we spent the day at Suffolk University in Boston, the best thing about it was that I was on my couch watching TV by 8:00 pm, that was pretty cool.. We have to enjoy it while it lasts, because it starts all over again on Sunday as we head to Oklahoma and Kansas for a week.. Tomorrow we will be at Holy Cross in Worcester and then a few days in the office to pick away at the small mountain of hard drives waiting to be processed.

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Geo. said...

Hmmm - at home by 8:00 PM. Maybe we need to shoot longer days!!! Great shots!!! We always love having you guys at Suffolk. -- What, no pictures of the trash fire???


FJ Gaylor Photography said...

You guys are like slave drivers up there. Crammed 20 hours into 8. Had a great time, great kids, great weather. Hospitality was great as always. (Cosi Rocks)!!! I do have some trash shots also. Have a good one. Hopefully weather works fortoir aerials later this week