Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Lookback at the First Nine Weeks This Fall

Here it is, just before midnight on Saturday and I am waiting for the dryer to finsh, so I can finish packing for the week.. We are off to Oklahoma State in a mere six hours for the first part of the week and then to Kansas State the latter part of the week.. All day and night Saturday was spent processing files and my eyes are killing me.. I was messing around with some files in between DVD burning and processing, and realized how FAST this Fall semester has gone.... It felt like just yesterday we were at Suffolk University (the first time), and in fact that was August 20th, the start of this grueling stretch of Fall Shooting.. It has been non-stop, starting on the extreme East Coast, then the Extreme West Coast, a bunch in the Midwest, then the Southeast, then the Southwest, then across the pond and back, this week to the plains (I think that's what OK, and KS would be considered anyway), any natives out there please correct me if i'm wrong.

Anyway enough of that, as I was saying before I got off task, I was looking at some files that were posted on the Blog and Flickr from August 20th to this past Thursday, and decided to put a page together from those images in no particular order..

Please have a look at them HERE and let us know what you think. Most nights, we would try and go through and pick out a bunch, but there are several days that we were just plain beat, or didn't have time because we were too busy trying to catch a plane or hopping in a car and driving 400 miles to our next shoot the following day.


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