Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Three Days in London (Summary)

We have just finished up three great days at London's Imperial College.. People had warned me that students and studies in the UK were much different than the states and it was going to be extremely challenging to get the "slice of life" we are used to in the states. I said it will be fine "KIDS ARE KIDS ARE KIDS NO MATTER WHERE THEY ARE", and for the most part that is exactly what we found.

There were a few differences we did see however:

1. Visible School Spirit is absolutely "Non Existent".. In the three days of shooting, we counted a total of 13 "Imperial College sweathsirts or other logo apparrel", very different than that of the states.

2. Kids actually walk and talk with one another on the way to class.. We saw very few students walking single file with their cell phones stuck to their ear.

3. Drinking age of 18 and no hiding of alcoholic beverages, several pubs on campus that were crawling with students at dinner time..

We had a wonderful time and thank you so much to our client for treating us to a wonderful week.

We will be flying home tomorrow and staring into a computer until our next assignment on Monday trying to get some of our work processed and delivered in a somewhat timely fashion..

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