Sunday, October 28, 2007

Another Month Almost Done!

Well what a couple of months it has been.. As October comes to an end, we find ourselves in London watching the Red Sox and Rockies in the World Series.. Keep in mind that it's 2:15 am local time in London and we're not even close to being tired.. Having an extremely tough time adjusting to the time change, but most importantly the PRICES in London!!! They are ridiculous, we got two Grande Black Coffees at Starbucks in South Kensington this morning for $11.00 USD.. If that wasn't bad enough, how about the $20.00 hamburger at a PUB near Trafalgar Square..

Well as October closes, what a month it has been.. 12 Different Schools in EIGHT states and TWO continents.. Of 22 business days in October, we were shooting 19 of them, with only three Fridays off..

We are going to be shooting at Imperial College, here in London the next three days.. We'll fly home on Thursday afternoon and have the weekend off. Most of next week we will actually be working in New England and sleeping in our own beds until we leave for Oklahoma State and Kansas State on the 11th of November (another full week of travel). Fortunately after that is Thanksgiving and a great opportunity to dig out from this month's mountain of data.. Then off to Florida the week after Thanksgiving, and maybe a breather for December, but as I write there are several assignments pending for the first couple weeks of December..


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Anonymous said...

South Kensington and the area around Trafalgar Square are the most expensive areas of London! But with the current exchange rate, everything must have seemed expensive.

FJ Gaylor Photography said...

It was definitely EXPENSIVE, but a wonderful time.