Friday, October 05, 2007

Another Busy Week Conquered

Whoa!!! What a week... We finished up this marathon week at The University of Connecticut in Storrs.. UCONN was our fourth stop this week. We started the week off on Monday at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, then worked at Virginia Wesleyan College on Tuesday in Norfolk.. We then drove 406 miles to Asheville North Carolina and Warren Wilson College on Wednesday, and finally back home for a shoot at UCONN..

The focus for today's shoot was outdoor fall colors, students outside and some architecture shots at Dusk, thanks so much for the late start Sean, we really needed it..

Here are a bunch from UCONN

To see the full size gallery goto UCONN Slideshow

To see our entire portfolio of admissions viewbook photograaphy goto: FJ GAYLOR Photography


Bradjward said...

Sounds like you need to have a relaxing weekend and watch the Colts win another one. :)

FJ Gaylor Photography said...

That's sounds great, but unfortunately we are buried about 60,000 images behind in processing.. Love to see the colts maybe we'll get them out here on TV.. We're flying into Indy again on Monday Night..