Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday Travel Again

It's Sunday again, and guess where we are? If you answered airport, you are correct. We are in Hartford awaiting a flight to Houghton, MI.
We will be at Michigan Tech for a couple days..

By the way I sent this from my new IPhone. This thing is unreal. Brad you need to get one

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Bradjward said...

HAHAHA, I just bought one yesterday. Great minds think alike! Hopping on a plane to Washington DC in 4 hours, you know I'm going to be enjoying the new iPhone.

Expect the obligatory "i'm on my iphone at the airport" post over at my personal blog. I've been thinking about it all morning. :)

FJ Gaylor Photography said...

That is hysterical, "the Obligatory I'm on my Iphone at the airport post"

Enjoy DC