Monday, September 17, 2007

Admish is now in Beta

A new social network has sprouted specifically dealing with the college admissions process.

Take a look at Admish

We believe that each student—like each college—is unique: a single school might be a great fit for one student but not so great a fit for another student. Admish acts as a hub for the college admissions process, a place where students, guidance counselors, parents, college admissions officers, and college faculty can find and share information, where both sides of the admissions process come together, where colleges find the right students and students find the right colleges.

Three words sum up Admish's mission:

Education: Admish is for students, by students. Created by a group of undergraduates who have been through the admissions process, Admish aims to better equip students so that they can find the school that's right for them. With its unique profile content and an easily searchable database of college information, Admish enables students first to find out who they are and then to find a school that is best suited to their own particular needs, interests, and values.

Community: Admish is a community of diligent students, dedicated educators, devoted parents and friends, all working together to ensure that students have the right information and the right support as they go through the admissions process. Now students and colleges can communicate with each other like never before.

Opportunity: By connecting students to a team of supporters and educators—including families, colleges, high school, and college access groups—Admish challenges students to become more than a test score, to discover their own individuality and to take hold of opportunities that are already waiting for them.

Simply put, now students have a greater opportunity to discover the school that's right for them.

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