Friday, August 24, 2007

Summer Admissions Photoshoots Part Two

As we gear up for the super busy fall semester, this week has been pretty busy for late August for us. We had a couple of shoots, One at Suffolk University in Boston and another yesterday at Hofstra University on Long Island.

What a grind, MENTALLY that is....

School was still on summer break at Hofstra yesterday, therefore "models" had to be rounded up for this shoot... Arrrrggggghh. We typically work with no set-ups, just a "wish list" from the client, and off we go.. That was not the case today.

We had the same group of a dozen students or so for the entire day... Most times these "models" lose interest after about an hour, not these kids, they were WONDERFUL.

As far as the mental grind, it started at the first shot, try and capture "real" dorm life in a "model room".. You know, the one furnished by Bed Bath and Beyond, with coookie cutter furnishings and NOTHING on the wall.. I basically had a meltdown, but we were able to get through it and had a TERRIFIC day afterwards, thanks to the folks we were working with and the kids were just plain wonderful..

After this week, we are eagerly awaiting our 10 week tour of schools all over the country and Europe...

Here are a bunch from the shoot yesterday

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