Monday, August 27, 2007

Revisiting Effective Keyword Searches

I wrote a post about a month back about some results from our analytics software (Google Analytics) to the blog.. It was centered around the surprisingly large number of queries from the keyword "dorm"... I know that we have posted several photos of "real" dorm rooms throughout the last several months, but I was and still am astonished at the amount of traffic from these keywords that land on OUR SITE... Why is it that these "users" are landing on our site? Have we done that great a job with our Search Engine Marketing, or are colleges and universities just doing a poor job?

Here are some of the top queries in the month of August:

Bradley University Dorm Photos:
Bradley Dorms:
Coast Guard Academy Dorm Photos:
Dorms Texas State:
Dorm Photo:
FIU Dorm Room Photos:
Bradley University Couple Dorms:
Bradley University Dorms:
Old Dominion University Dorms:
University Dorm Photo:
Photo Ivy League College Dorm Room:
Northwestern Dorm Pictures:
Princeton Admission Dorms Photos:
Texas State University Dorm Pictures:
Dorm, Tx State:
UMASS Lowell Dorms:
Lowell Dorm:
Northwestern University Dorm:
Northwestern Dorm Visits:
URI Dorms:
University of Florida Dorm Photos:
St John's Dorm Pictures:

I'm sure there are several factors why the sudden increase in the last couple of months. One could only speculate as this whole internet search experience is such an inexact science. One reason that came to me right away is the time of year, as new students start the move in process, maybe they are looking for size reference, etc.. so they can plan on what to bring accordingly. I don't know, just a thought..

It just supports the theory that schools need to be in as many places on the web as possible to get the best representation.. If they're hitting on FJ GAYLOR Photography with these searches, schools need to start doing a better job keywording.

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Summer Admissions Photoshoots Part Two

As we gear up for the super busy fall semester, this week has been pretty busy for late August for us. We had a couple of shoots, One at Suffolk University in Boston and another yesterday at Hofstra University on Long Island.

What a grind, MENTALLY that is....

School was still on summer break at Hofstra yesterday, therefore "models" had to be rounded up for this shoot... Arrrrggggghh. We typically work with no set-ups, just a "wish list" from the client, and off we go.. That was not the case today.

We had the same group of a dozen students or so for the entire day... Most times these "models" lose interest after about an hour, not these kids, they were WONDERFUL.

As far as the mental grind, it started at the first shot, try and capture "real" dorm life in a "model room".. You know, the one furnished by Bed Bath and Beyond, with coookie cutter furnishings and NOTHING on the wall.. I basically had a meltdown, but we were able to get through it and had a TERRIFIC day afterwards, thanks to the folks we were working with and the kids were just plain wonderful..

After this week, we are eagerly awaiting our 10 week tour of schools all over the country and Europe...

Here are a bunch from the shoot yesterday

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Summer Admissions Photoshoots

Here are a few from a shoot yesterday at Suffolk University in Boston.... The focus of the shoot was a bit different than how we normally work.. This was a shoot for a specific project, where we normally go out and build image libraries of all aspects of campus life.... We very seldom work with set up groups of students, however being August 20th, there wasn't much activity on campus, and "models" were needed.. Overall I think it was a success, as we covered a lot of ground and hopefully gave the client several, several different options to go with..

Here is the problem I have with "set-ups", THE SAME people are in ALL the SHOTS.....

What are your opinions on set-up shoots.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Thursday, August 16, 2007

"Hot Air and Fingers in the Wind"

To steal a phrase from Sarah's H806 Blog.. Sarah writes in today's post about "Communications: MySpace Best and Worst Practices for Higher Education". Sarah points to a list compiled by DIOSA 1 Communications about the dos and don'ts when communicating through MySpace to Higher Ed target audiences....

The thing that caught me was when Sarah ask Is this "a model for best practice in establishing connectedness in HE using social networking? Or another 'top tips' list which is based on hot air and fingers in the wind?

This post got me thinking about a postfrom Morgan at Erelevant where he questions a poll by Noel-Levitz about college bound students' expectations of college websites.. Morgan does a great job writing about it here.

My question is: Are these measurements of real research with prospective students or as Sarah points out just more "'top tips' list which is based on hot air and fingers in the wind?

Would love to hear some thoughts on this subject...

Monday, August 13, 2007

Green Mountain College on YouTube

Here's a powerful spot on YouTube about Green Mountain College in Poultney, VT... I think it hits home with a very TO THE POINT message about GMC, An environmental Liberal Arts College in Vermont..

Great job...

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Neat Presentation Page from

Please take a look at a page mirroring our website created using the Postcard Script from Air Tight Interactive... You can see our version of the page here: FJ GAYLOR Let us know what you think...

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Approaching a Milestone ...of Sorts

Compared to most sites it is not considered a milestone, but for tiny FJ GAYLOR Photography 100,000 visitors in less than 30 months is a big milestone.... We'd like to thank everyone for stopping by along the way... We hope you continue to visit...

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