Monday, July 09, 2007

Zinch -- What do you Think?

I know that Zinch has been out for a bit, but had some time this morning to go over it and LOVE it... Obviously I'm not the demographic that needs to love it, but it looked pretty wild nonetheless... Extremely clean interface.. Zinch was started by Mick Hagen, a student at Princeton.. We all know what happened the last time an IVY LEAGUE student started a portal geared toward teenagers... The rest is history.. I don't know how this will take off with the current crop of college bound students or parents, or admissions officers, but they have done a superb job branding.. Is anyone in the admissions space usiing this yet?

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Sam Jackson said...

I'm still not sure how much I like it, or how I think it will do; I need to set aside some time to look at it but my first impression isn't excited enough to really get to it, I guess.

FJ Gaylor Photography said...

Thanks for the info Sam. I think it's a nice concept, BUT are teens going to want to sign up for yet another social networking PROFILE for the umpteenth time and have to remember username and passwords.. I don;t think so.. Great concept might work as a FACEBOOK app.. I don't know

Sam Jackson said...

Facebook + College apps = bad, bad mix, potentially. Very volatile. Supposedly teens are up for maintaining up to two profiles simultaneously... still.

College apps might be in a bit of a world of their own, such that people might sign up for it just for that purpose, but they need to have some motivation first. Of course, the site won't really get used until it has more students on it; hence the problem.

FJ Gaylor Photography said...

Sam, great insight as always... How's that HEE webinar going? Are you getting ready or are you just gonna shoot from the hiP? Take care


Sam Jackson said...

Of course! A good deal of new material outside of what I've written, and of course all fresh anecdotal commentary. Should be lots of fun.