Friday, July 06, 2007

Iowa Colleges Targeting Hispanic Population

According to a Des Moines Register Post that has been picked up by most Iowa media outlets,

Several colleges and universities in Iowa are poised to add Spanish-language pages to their university Web sites and some are buying Spanish-language radio ads - clear signs that higher-education officials in Iowa are increasing their efforts to recruit Hispanic students.

According to statistics over the last twenty years, the number of Hispanic Students in Iowa public schools has risen nearly 600% to almost 30,000 students.. During this same period the number of white students decreased by 9.5%...

Iowa schools are not the only ones reaching out to this growing audience, other schools which offer Spanish speaking information on their websites are Michigan State University and Arizona State University to name a few..

Judging by the comments from the Des Moines Register post and others, this seems to be a very interesting topic...

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