Monday, June 18, 2007

Busy Summer

The summer months are typically a slow time for actual shooting, we have been extremely busy preparing for the upcoming FALL semester... This year is shaping up to be another BUSY one.. We have filled up several slots for the Fall Semester into November already... This is crazy, it's not even officially summer yet and I'm writing about Fall semester... We have several housekeeping chores to get to this summer, that like usual will be put on the backburner... As I wrote on Friday, we are totally redoing our website again, we have the framework pretty much all set.. The problem we are having is picking the images we want to show on the web... Finding the right mix and the right number of images has been painstaking.. Going through six months worth of images.. I iguess it's not a bad problem to have.. Anyway if you would like to see our entire online portfolio of admissions viewbook photography goto: FJ GAYLOR Photography


Yuning Liu said...

Dear Joe,

Thanks for the comment. It was really surprising for me to get a comment from a total stranger...mostly the people who read my blog are my friends and family (many who are forced out of obligation). But I guess I shouldn't be too surprised...that's the power of the Internet isn't it?

I looked over your web site, and it is pretty sweet. The business that you're in seems like it would be enjoyable, as I have always had an interest in photography. I have to say though, viewbooks are really nice to receive in the mail. For example, I receive a boatload of solicitation (ever since scoring well on the PSAT), and although I was really excited with the first letter, the whole deal really lost its appeal...except for the viewbooks. I wish every college sent viewbooks out. The glossiness and short, energetic descriptions in them are irresistable.

I wish you the best in your business, and hopefully we can keep in touch through blogging.

P.S. The main purpose of my blog is just an outlet for me to practice writing. It's a hobby. So don't take everything in there too seriously.

FJ Gaylor Photography said...

Hi Yuning thanks for the comment.. I appreciate the compliments on our work.. We can definitely keep in touch through blogging.. Have a great summer and good luck with the college search process, have some fun with it.. If you have any questions about particular schools please do not hesitate to write