Friday, May 18, 2007

"Real" Starbucks on Campus

Just a nice short post this morning as I sip my Venti Bold... How many campuses out there have "stand alone" Starbucks Coffee Shops? I know of four that we have been to in the last couple months... University of Miami, Old Dominion University, Northwestern University and The University of Florida, they have TWO... Obviously I'm a bit biased on this because of my addiction to the Brand... We have definitely noticed that Starbucks on all four of these campuses have become the "hottest" spot during the day and usually until about 8:00 pm... So who else has Starbucks on Campus? I am looking for "stand alone" stores, not the coffee cart that "proudly serves" Starbucks, it's really not the same as a green aproned Barista yelling out "Venti, non-fat, four shot, caramel soy xtra-hot caffee Americano for Steve" .... Let's have some fun with this one.. To see our entire online portfolio of admissions viewbook photography goto: FJ GAYLOR Photography


FJ Gaylor Photography said...

I was just informed that St. Joe's in Philly has a standalone Starbucks on Campus

Rhian Pars-Hall said...
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