Monday, April 09, 2007

On the road again

After a nice holiday weekend with our family, we headed off to the airport once again for a week on the road.. This time we were headed off for Michigan and Indianapolis.. We were scheduled into Detroit at about 11:00 pm with a couple hour ride ahead of us, not too bad considering... Instead as we arrived at our gate our plane was delayed for more than an hour giving us little chance of making our connection in Dulles... We had a decision to make, take a shot at making the connection or hopping on the Chicago flight and renting a car and driving the 300 miles to destination.. We opted for the switch of planes to Chicago with an awful lot of "windshield time", we pulled into our destination, Alma College at quarter of Five in the am.. Ouch!! Took a quick nap and started shooting at 8:30... talk about a long day, gotta love traveling... Anyway here are a handful from today... To see our entire online gallery of viewbook and admissions photography goto FJ GAYLOR Photography

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