Friday, March 16, 2007

Snow in March, Gotta Love It.

Well after having a few days in the 60's up here, we are back to reality as a major Nor'easter is on its way in New England, expecting to dump anywhere from a dusting to 28 inches.... Go figure, is meteorology the only profession that can get away with something like this over and over again.. I mean come on it's gotta make you chuckle anywhere from a DUSTING to 28 INCHES, got their bases covered.. Anyway enough of that, we have a lot of back end processing that needs to get done by Sunday before we embark on a string of EIGHT straight Sundays on an Airplane... It is definitely that time of year again for us.. Off to Charlotte for the week.. Here are a few from UCONN the other day... To see the rest of our portfolio goto FJ GAYLOR Photography

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