Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Study Breaks

Here are a couple shots from our shoot yesterday in Manhattan.. They were of two separate study groups taking a quick break from the books in the Student Union.. Now I think these two tell a story.. Let us know what you think. To see more of our work goto FJ GAYLOR Photography

Some Personal Time Between Shoots

Had a shoot in Lower Manhattan all day today, for a client. Looong day, but I did manage to have a few hours off to explore the city. Walked up to SOHO and did the Broadway, LaFayette, Canal St. walk and then back to our shoot on the subway... It is always nice to have some time to shoot for yourself.. We rarely have the time to do this... Here are some that "I" like.. Let me know what you think... Back to work on the redesign of our website.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Admissions Viewbook Photography

Good Monday morning everyone. We hope everyone had a wonderful, long holiday weekend.. It is official, we are finally caught up on all our post production work from the last few months.. It has been a grind to stay above water during this time. As I have been saying, we were straight out the last three months. All told, we captured roughly 120,000 images and it seems like we covered about 120,000 miles on the ground and in the air. I can't wait for tomorrow. We can finally start our web redesign, that is long overdue.. First we have to come up with a new design, then I'll bang my head against the wall for a while trying to figure out how to program the whole thing.. Please keep in mind that I have no web-training at all, other than self taught basics. So I will try and figure out how to use Flash, Javascript, Dreamweaver, Go-Live, Ancient HTML, and whatever else is out there to be up and running before the holiday.. That's our goal anyway. To see more of our work goto: FJ GAYLOR Photography

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wishing Everyone a Happy Thanksgiving

Good morning everyone, just hoping everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday. The next few weeks for us are going to be spent on completely redoing our website.. It is in great need of a major facelift (it hasn't been updated since June '05) Hope to have it up and running by the next set of Holidays. To see more of our work goto FJ GAYLOR Photography

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Viewbook Photography

Dining Hall shots are some of my favorite everywhere we go. It is the best place to see kids having a great time at school.. Other than dorm life, it is for the most part the only place where groups of friends get together and really let it go for a half hour or so.. Here are a few from Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, TX... To see more of our online gallery goto FJ GAYLOR Photography

Monday, November 20, 2006

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Trying to Catch Up

As I've been saying for the last few months, it has been extremely difficult to keep up with the post production of our assignments.. Our delivery has slowed down tremendously this semester... This is something that is eating Fred and I up. I would love to be able to turn around completed photos in a day or two, but the way we shoot and what the client ends up with, it is impossible.. I know some shooters are able to do this, but not us... We do not go around shooting 8-10 "set up" scenes a day with models and "hand picked" students. 90-95% of what we do is "au natural", so there are a lot of frames shot during the course of a day.. We have been averaging anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000 shots a day (before editing, of course). Now multiply that by that by about 55 days of shooting in the last three months or so... You can imagine the volume of digital data that we have been dealing with. We usually carry with us on the road, two laptops with 100 gb storage, in addition to 2 TERABYTES of external harddrive space.. That is an awful lot of data.. Now it is 1:00 am on a Saturday evening (My wife is out of town for the weekend), I've been processing files all day, please forgive my rambling on and on.. We should be able to get everything out the door and on its way to end users by Monday.. If you would be kind enough to share with us the delivery time from your photographers and the amount of images you receive, I would be grateful for any information on how to improve our delivery.. Thanks so much and enjoy the rest of your weekend..

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Rat Race Over! FOR NOW

Well, let me tell you.. If you've been reading the blog, you'd know that we have been extremely busy over the last three months or so... We have had a total of three shooting days off since labor day... We finished up our whirlwind fall tour this afternoon, after spending three days in Manhattan on location... The weather was horrible today, a commute that normally takes 2 hours, took almost 6 hours today... Now the tedious part of the work, we are several days behind in processing and delivering our work to clients... At least with a WEEK off in a row, we will be able to tackle the lionshare of the work and get caught up... Here's a couple shot yesterday on 5th Avenue... To see more of our work goto FJ GAYLOR Photography