Wednesday, December 06, 2006

"REAL" Dorm Life Shots

As I continue to comb through our recent archives for our website redesign, I found the following photo from a shoot in Michigan. I am looking for some input about dorm photos that go into viewbooks and other publications. Too often we see setup dorm shots of a sterile room. I love this one because of the "au natural" feeling it gives off. There was nothing setup about this one. I was just curious to see if anyone out there would ever consider printing it? or are the boxers and no shirt a bit risque? Just my two cents. To see more of our work goto FJ GAYLOR Photography


Anonymous said...

While the shirtless aspect may be a little much for viewbook use, I like the "reality" of the shot, and on most of your work. Without giving away your trade secrets, how do you get such natural looking scenes? Do you shoot first and get photo permissions later, or does the school round up a bunch of students and you put them in a setting and tell them to "act naturally"? Or some other patented MO?


FJ Gaylor Photography said...

Well Mike, first off, thanks so much for reading. Well, I would say about 90% of the schools we work with, have the blanket model release on all school related work when students register. For us to succeed this is the best scenario. We rarely if ever "round up" students and put them in a setting. When they are "set-up" there is a definite difference in result. There are times when these types of "set-ups" are necessary, but if it can be avoided, that works best.


Densil said...

I love real shots when it comes to student life and living. Now, the no shirt shot may be a bit much...but the room is real and that is what students, and famalies, want to see.

FJ Gaylor Photography said...

Densil, thanks so much for reading and the great comment. I agree the "no-shirt" is a bit much.. Funny you say that, When I thanked this student for allowing me to take his photo, I asked him, why he chose MTU? His response: "I came here because it reminded me of home, I am comfortable here" I don;t think you can get any more genuine than that..

Thanks for reading Densil, hope to hear more from you