Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Online Chats with Prospects

There have been several discussions recently about the use of Podcasts, blogs, IM's in the recruitment process which have been entertaining reads. Late last week I was trolling through some feeds and found an interesting article from the Nashua Telegraph about the use of online chats in the search process. It profiled a few schools in New Hampshire, most notably Rivier College. According to the article Rivier is in its second year of online chatting. Rivier sent out 1,000 invitations to prospective students and parents about the chat session. The article indicated that only a handful of "chatters" took part. I guess my question is, in what way were those 1,000 invitations sent out? How are Rivier and other schools driving traffic to these chats? Even with the obvious increase in web interaction, it has not replaced traditional forms of contact like the "essential" campus visit. Rivier's director of admissions, David Boisvert has the right approach: "I don't see it as a replacement, If anything, it's augmenting it. We have just as many visitations to campus.

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