Monday, November 27, 2006

Admissions Viewbook Photography

Good Monday morning everyone. We hope everyone had a wonderful, long holiday weekend.. It is official, we are finally caught up on all our post production work from the last few months.. It has been a grind to stay above water during this time. As I have been saying, we were straight out the last three months. All told, we captured roughly 120,000 images and it seems like we covered about 120,000 miles on the ground and in the air. I can't wait for tomorrow. We can finally start our web redesign, that is long overdue.. First we have to come up with a new design, then I'll bang my head against the wall for a while trying to figure out how to program the whole thing.. Please keep in mind that I have no web-training at all, other than self taught basics. So I will try and figure out how to use Flash, Javascript, Dreamweaver, Go-Live, Ancient HTML, and whatever else is out there to be up and running before the holiday.. That's our goal anyway. To see more of our work goto: FJ GAYLOR Photography

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