Thursday, August 31, 2006

Admissions Marketing Photography

I have a question for readers.. Hopefully we'll get some decent feedback on this one... Nowadays, most everyone is looking for NATURAL images in most marketing publications... Today's image is completely natural, but it was taken with a wide angle lens, therefore obviously had some "in your face" contact. Do you think prospective students would look at this as a fake or posed image? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.... To see more of our admissions marketing photography goto FJ GAYLOR Photography


Sam Jackson said...

Hello, prospective student chiming in here. Personally I wouldn't know what to make of the photo because the composition feels rather awkward with the poses they are in--whether they were captured by a quick SLR or placed that way. It looks a little bizarre consequently--at least to me. Maybe just to me, just at 2 am. It doesn't really scream "Real" OR "posed!" to me. I am getting thrown off by the color contrasts--the darker blues in the left half, the lighter yellows / green on the right. The hat-wearer looks almost like his frame was pasted in, at first glance--that's how jarred I am. Then the wide angle makes the face-guy's arm look really narrow... just, all the rest of the picture gets in my way of asking whether or not it's real or fake. One wouldn't expect those sorts of things from the usual posed photography, I suppose. Those seeming flaws might be points towards the "real" side of things. Ask some more students.

Anonymous said...

I'll say natural, they already know how social lunch gets and nobody in the photo seem to be paying any attention to the camera so yeah... it look natural. Great shot.