Friday, July 28, 2006

Trying to Find Time to Make NEW Website

Hey everyone, happy Friday Morning.. For the last three months we have been trying to get a new website up and running, the problem is FINDING THE TIME to devote to this project... We have been going straight out with admissions work since mid January this year.. It has been a great year for us... We were not expecting to be doing admissions work until the end of July. The past few years this has been the case, but not this year... We can't wait to roll out the new site.. Our college and university work has taken us coast to coast, well I guess we can call Arizona the west coast... Since January we have taken close to a half million shots... It is going to be quite an undertaking to sort through all our files and pick which we should showcase on the site... We have spent the last few days at the US Coast Guard Academy shooting admissions work.. When we finished up today, I was kind of relieved, saying to myself, "yes, we have all of next week to get a chunk of our website done", well upon leaving I received two v/m's checking our availabilty for next week... So much for getting some time to revamp the site... Well, here is a couple of images from our shoot at the CGA, that I find interesting, hope you all do, also.. Have a wonderful weekend.... To see our entire online gallery, goto: FJ GAYLOR Photography

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