Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Post Holiday Assignment

Good morning all, hope everyone had a great holiday weekend... Well, we had to cut our holiday short on Tuesday.. We had to hop in the car for an assignment in Olean, NY... Eight hours in a car can definitely wear on you... I know that we had a lot of rain the last couple of weeks, but driving on the Southern Tier Expressway in Western New York was devastating, there was flooding all over the place... I really feel for all the people displaced by the flooding... Well as I said earlier we are going to be on location the next three days up here in Olean, NY.... This is going to be a very challenging shoot... There are very few students available on campus at this particular summer session... There are going to be a few hundred incoming freshmen that we might have to use during their orientation to really pull this off.... We would love to hear what kinds of photo shoots you plan in the summertime if any? We would love to hear.. To see our website gallery of admissions photography and viewbook photography goto: FJ GAYLOR PHOTOGRAPHY

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