Monday, May 15, 2006

Market Research

Good morning everyone, hope everyone had a great weekend.. Up here in the NE we've had a half of foot of rain with a few more inches on the way. Anyway, I have been doing some market research with high school kids about what appeals to them when thumbing through viewbooks or other recruitment pieces... The results are inline with what I thought for the most part.. Granted the samples are small (100 people or so) I think we would continue to see the trend.. I am continuing this smaple to reach other demographics as well... But the early results show that the three main things that attract these kids eyes are Dorm Life, Campus Life (kids having a great time) and what's the food like... I tend to agree with all these responses, They have to know where they're gonna live for the next four years, and what kind of food they're going to be consuming.. More stats to come in the coming weeks... Would love to hear all your thoughts on these numbers.. To see our portfolio goto:

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Anonymous said...

I've have at least 500 college viewbooks in my basement waiting to be burned this summer.
My Advice
*Picture Quality-Don't blow up cropped section of a 2.0 megapixle camera and expect it to fill up a whole page without being pixelated. If you can see JPEG artifacts the image is of to low quality.
Course Level--Don't take pictures of an easy course like pre-calculus. Most of us took that course in high school. It will make us question the academic level of the college.
Fake Diversity-Don't try to make the college more diverse then it is. Face it: Racial cliques exist on college campuses.
Telephoto Lens-The people look to flat. The viewbook begins to look like it was shot by the Paparazzi.
Same People-Don't include the same people in different part of your viewbook. I notice if you re-use photos from the same series. That cool proffesor shouldn't be in the backround of every lab photo.
Misleading statisics- Don't say "99% of our graduates go to law school, medical school, graduate school, employement, permerment sabtical, or are looking for employment 6 months after graduation." Basicly you're saying that 1% of your class dies within 6 months of graduation.
Same Building- Don't show 7 different shots of the one nice looking builing on campus. I will begin to wonder what the rest of the the campus looks like.
Safety Equipment- If the girl mixing the fizzy liquid in the test tubes isn't wearing googles I know the picture is staged.
Staged pictures- If everyone is looking at the camera and smiling while holding out there arms in a manner that looks like they are attmpting to communicate via sign langauge I know that it is staged. Staged pictures have their place but can begin to look silly